Creative Writing

"Words are tools to communicate from one human heart to another."

Published Work


BLACKBERRY: a magazine
August 2014
  • "Starlight"
  • "A Room of Painted Ladies"
  • "Once in a Blue Moon"
  • "Our Neighbors Are Not Happy People"
  • "Soul"
Blue Heron Review
"Guardian of the Earth", Winter 2016, Issue 5
"Vessels of Light", Summer 2015, Issue 4
The Inflectionist Review
"The Night Ink", June 2016, Volume 5
Mobius: The Journal of Social Change
"Office Etiquette", December 2012, Volume 23, Number 4
Sediments Literary-Arts Journal
"Kevin", May 2015, Issue 3
PRISM International (forthcoming)


The Fem
"Driving in the Berkshires", October 2016


Lockjaw Magazine
part 5-6, "minutiae: Let Us Choose to Adventure", 2015