Hi. I'm Elizabeth Mitchell.

I'm a frontend web developer, writer, print designer, and creative writer. My long-term goal as a technologist has been to use technology to support positive causes and I am doing that with Sassafras Tech Collective.

I'm a big supporter of youth development nonprofits, specially those that increase literacy and engage kids in the arts. I have had the chance to work with nonprofits early in my career. I entered web development by way of print design. Poetry has been a talent of mine since I was a child.

I grew up in Detroit, MI and attended school in western Massachusetts. At Williams College, I received a B.A. in American Studies. My degree helped me explore a variety of topics including education, history, literature, and communities in the U.S., which has helped me learn to connect with a variety of people.

I came back to Detroit after college to make a difference. I've learned that the best impact you can make is loving what you do, doing it well, and sharing those skills and talents with others.

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