Writing and Print Design

"Words are tools to communicate from one human heart to another."

What I Do

Professional Writing

I am currently learning UX Writing as a UX Apprentice at DIA Design Guild.

I write content for a variety of print and electronic materials, including brochures, websites, and newsletters.

Print Design

I enjoy using my photo editing skills and design eye to create text-based written materials that are enjoyable to read.


Mobile Trends in 2014 White Paper Davis Center History Metro Messenger Newsletter from May 2011
Mobile Trends White Paper
Who: Results at Hand
What: Print Design, Writing, Editing, Photo Editing
Tools: Adobe InDesign, GIMP
Download: from Results at Hand

Beginning in late October 2013, I began researching mobile trends for 2014, collecting information about trends for mobile apps and the use of mobile devices. Results at Hand is a software company that builds mobile apps for associations. The research I collected was applied to associations and their specific needs. I conducted research, identified 10 trends with the help of the Results at Hand staff, and wrote the white paper. In addition to writing the white paper, I also designed the 16-page publication.

Company Bio
Who: Pink Sugar XO
What: Writing

The owner of the store had a powerful story, but needed help finding the right words to express this story. I helped her craft a bio about what made her business unique.

Who: Metropolitan United Methodist Church
What: Print Design, Writing, Editing, Photo Editing
Tools: Scribus, GIMP
Download: Brochure

The organization needed a new brochure. The new brochure highlighted the organization's offerings. I used a preexisting logo to guide the design of the brochure and collected images to include in the brochure. I contacted printing companies and selected a printing method that would be cost effective for the organization.

Monthly Newsletter/Editor
Who: Metropolitan United Methodist Church
What: Print Design, Editing, Photo Editing
Tools: Scribus, GIMP
Download: May 2011 Newsletter

In January 2011, I became the editor of the monthly newsletter for the organization. The newsletter began as a print newsletter. I edited the content, images, and created the print design for the print/electronic newsletter that was distributed in PDF and paper copy form. In the spring of 2012, the newsletter moved to an online version. I used hand-coded HTML to build the newsletter. Editing the the newsletter included copyediting and image editing.

Monthly Newsletter/Editor
Who: City Year Detroit
What: Print Design, Writing, Editing, Photo Editing
Tools: Microsoft Publisher
Downloads: Fall 2009, January 2009, March 2009

While serving with City Year Detroit, I helped plan and run a youth service learning program. As a secondary responsibility, I had the opportunity to share our team's story throughout the year with the corporation sponsoring our team. I also edited the newsletters of the remaining 7 City Year Detroit teams and sent them out monthly to the foundations and sponsors who supported City Year Detroit.

Annual Report
Who: Williams College Davis Center
What: Print Design, Writing, Editing, Photo Editing, Research
Tools: Adobe InDesgn, PhotoShop

I created a 40-page document detailing the events the center supported and organized during the 2007-2008 school year. The report also included information on the college's history. Some of the content I wrote in the report and the images gathered are still used by the center on their website (the center's history).